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Das Escape Game: Room-Breaker gibt es im Google Play Store derzeit KOSTENLOS statt 1,79 €.

Kundenbewertung liegt bei 3,9 bei 10k Downloads.

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One day if you are locked in somewhere… 
It doesn’t matter that’s real or just imagination. 
It doesn’t matter that’s past, present or future at all. 
The only important thing to you… 
Now… just now… 
You have to escape now… 

the game is as popular as in the Gangnam style.

Does not require purchase for the episode.

[Game Introduction] 

Room Break is an adventure game about escaping. 

The purpose of this game is simple. 
Users will be detained to certain places and situations and they need to open the door of each room and escape. 

Obviously, users need to figure out how to open the doors. 
Maybe, there are some unexpected tricks hidden.. 
But, it is not difficult at all. 
If you pay attention a little bit more, you will be able to find out all the hints that lead users to a successful break-out. 

All of you have different reasons, but one purpose. 
Escape now!! 

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29.09.2017, 13:55 Zitieren #

Da gibt's bessere (dauerhaft kostenlose) Escape-Games. Das ewige rumgelaber vor den Leveln nervt.
Trotzdem danke für den Deal!

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