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2.537 Bewertungen im Play Store vergeben sehr gute 4,5 von 5 Sternen.


This is what makes us different from other wallpaper apps. We provide a lot of features for customization some of those are

– Blur wallpapers

– Change color (Sepia , HUE) with the help of filters

– Add text with lot of fonts and color preferences

– Styles for text Bordered text, Shadow Text etc

CollectionsWe provide you with collection of wallpapers such as Nature, Girls, Texture, Paint it Black, Macros, Urban,Peace, Space, Her, Meditation and a lot lot more. These collections have huge amount of wallpapers totaling to 18000 and increasing

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26.10.2017, 11:03 Zitieren #

Sehr schöne Hintergrundbilder!!

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