Supiki English Conversation GRATIS APP (iOS)


Gerade gibt es die App Supiki English Conversation Speaking Practice kostenlos statt 12,99€.

SUPIKI IS FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOW BASIC ENGLISH AND NEED CONVERSATION PRACTICE. Unlimited realistic English conversation practice improves your spoken English. Talk to Supiki and Supiki talks back.

If you’ve studied English and need practice having conversations, Supiki is for you. Supiki lets you:

  • have unscripted conversations related to real world situations
  • get visual feedback and earn points based on how good your conversation was
  • record, review and share your conversations with friends, family and instructors
  • get ideas to use in your conversations. Listen to Supiki Top Picks: 5-star conversations shared by other Supiki users
  • share your success and help others. Submit your 5-star conversations for inclusion in Supiki Top Picks.
  • earn and share achievement badges – view points and badges in your trophy case
  • watch videos from „The Newcomers“ animated series and experience North American English and culture
  • check your understanding by reading “The Newcomers” video scripts* manage your practice plan with reminders and tips * learn English idioms and expressions, test your comprehension and practice using them out loud
  • Get on-screen instructions in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish and English
  • Practice with 50 unique conversation units
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