Sammeldeal diverse Mods für Minecraft Pocket Edition (Android) gerade kostenlos im Google Playstore

Tipp Dieser Deal ist älter als ein Jahr und daher ggf. nicht mehr aktuell. So verpasst du in Zukunft nichts mehr:


Hier habe ich mal etwas anderes gefunden, was wohl eher eure Kids interessieren wird. Der Entwickler ogut sip, der hauptsächlich Mods für Minecraft Pocket Edition entwickelt, hat gerade 8 seiner Mods kurzzeitig kostenlos gemacht. Die Einzelpreise reichen von 1,69€ bis 2,39€. Denke diesmal ist es eher ein Randdeal, aber vielleicht findet sich auch dafür jemand.

Der Entwickler hat natürlich noch einige Mods mehr im Angebot, aber ich teile hier jetzt nur die gerade kostenlosen. Deallink und Vergleichspreis habe ich vom ersten Mod hier in der Liste genommen.

1. Mysterious SEA Addon for Minecraft PE(Unterwassermod)

This add-on is very focused on the underwater survival aspects. All new mobs and items have something to do with water. For example, there are new diving equipment (with special status effects) and all mobs you will be able to find natural spawning under water. Addon has been specifically designed for survival mode. For example, all monsters will naturally appear in water, so you don’t have to waste time spawning yourself. It’s like a super cool update from Aquatic Update which is already amazing.


2. The Simpsons Addon for MCPE (Simpsonsmod)

This is an add-on which adds five characters from the popular animated sitcom called The Simpsons. The characters include Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie. The models look quite hilarious but the behaviors aren’t really that optimized, or logical. Also, their bone structure isn’t animated which makes them look awkward when they walk around. But if you’re looking for a quick laugh, then this add-on is definitely worth a try.


3. Morphing Mod for MCPE (verwandel dich in Tiere und andere Figuren aus MCPE)

Mod Morph for Minecraft allows players to turn into mobs and animals for mcpe. Download our mod for Minecraft, you can change to mobs or animals! After downloading the morph mod for mcpe, you can do what you can’t do, become an ordinary player in the game.


4. Tiny Player Addon MCPE (Spieler schrumpfen lassen)

The Tiny Player Addon reduces the size of the player with an ant. This is very cool because you will be able to walk past parts that were previously impossible. The player now is the smallest entity in Minecraft. Even cork fish can’t compare its size. You will still have the same physical strength.


5. Modern Tools Addon for MCPE (ein paar neue Gegenstände, z.B. ein Kühlschrank)

This addon adds many modern tools for Minecraft and they replace only two different mobs. For example, one tool is a refrigerator that you can use to store your food (or other items) and other tools allow you to cook raw food in an instant using a stove in the kitchen. In addition to using them for their various tasks, you can also use them to decorate your Minecraft world because they are basically new types of furniture, the world of Minecraft will grow modern with this addon.


6. Throwing TNT Add-on for MCPE (neue explosive Items)

This add-on implements four new explosive items that can be thrown and new types of villagers to the game. This is a great add-on if you like to blow things up or need an easier way to modify the terrain. Each new item has a different explosion effect and each one also functions a little differently in how you use it.


7. Penguin Addon for MCPE (ersetzt Creeper durch Pinguine)

This add-on replaces the creeper in-game with a penguin. These penguins will follow players that hold all kind of fishes and they can be tamed and healed with all kind of fishes! They also attack squids or players when they hit them! And when they are killed they drop fish!


8. Modern Furnicraft Addon for MCPE (modernere Möbel)

All fans of the Minecraft universe have been waiting for new modern furniture, someone to build a new home, someone just to change the outdated design of their new home into a modern design, and someone just likes everything new in Minecraft. We can rejoice everyone: in Furnicraft’s add-on for MCPE, new chic furniture and household appliances appear. They will decorate any interior, lots of choices of the latest modern furniture that can choose to decorate your home in the world of Minecraft, they will attract all Minecraft players!


Alles kleine Mods, aber in der Summe und kostenlos auf jeden Fall interessant. Ich weiß dieser Deal wird einigen nicht gefallen, halt mehr was für die Kids.

Wem es gefällt, viel Spass damit, euer Casi.

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08.09.2018, 15:56 Zitieren #

Entschuldige dich doch nicht dafür, dass du einen Deal reinstellst. Es wird so viel Müll, wie irgendwelche E-Books oder ähnliches hochgeladen. Da stört dieser eine Deal zusätzlich auch nicht.


08.09.2018, 17:20 Zitieren #

Haste gut gemacht 👍

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