m-Safe Pro (gratis statt 0,59€ @ Android)

Ein Passwort Manager für euer Android Smartphone.


Every day we hear about hacks that compromise usernames, emails, credit card numbers, and other type of data.

Should you trust the web to store our most sensitive passwords?

With MSafe you can combine the best of high tech and low tech, by encrypting your passwords using the advanced AES encryption algorithm and by being able to print them on a regular sheet of paper in the form of a QR code, or save them on an NFC tag that you can carry around with you.

Eingetragen mit der DealDoktor App für Android.

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Ron S.

05.11.2017, 11:59 Antworten Zitieren #

Why should you trust m-Safe Pro?


05.11.2017, 12:50 Antworten Zitieren #

Hat jemand Erfahrung mit der App? 🙂


05.11.2017, 13:00 Antworten Zitieren #

Vorteile zu keepass?


05.11.2017, 13:04 Antworten Zitieren #

@Ron S.: they earn money with the app. Why should they want to earn more? 😉 I admit a company with a subscription is more interested in good ratings

Ron S.

05.11.2017, 13:51 Antworten Zitieren #

„Why should they want to earn more“ Is this a serious question?
Keepass is ways better as it is Open Source. So programmers can check the way it handles data. And it’s FREE.


05.11.2017, 22:23 Antworten Zitieren #

@Ron S.: I totally agree, especially to the point that it’s open source. I’ve been using Keepass on my phone and computer and in my opinion it’s great with its keylogger-safe password entry methods.

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