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Green Planet is a beautiful home of the little mechanical life forms known as “Minirobots”. While living peacefully, their planet was invaded by an army of robot troops calling themselves “The Machines”. These machines tried to turn Green Planet into a space resort and had captured many of the Minirobots, but now they are fighting back!

▼ Features


▷ Unique side-view, grid base defense game

▷ 150 magnificent levels

▷ 3 episodes with distinguished gameplay

▷ 40 cute robot types to choose from

▷ 32 types of ruthless enemy

▷ 5 different areas (Glass Land, Desert, Underwater, Glacier, Iron Fortress)

▷ 30 fun action/arcade style mini-games

▷ Tons of upgrades, unlockables, and achievements▷ Over 20 hours of gameplay!

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