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Ihr bekommt aktuell Password Safe – iPassSafe kostenlos statt 4,49€ im AppStore.

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◆ iPassSafe Schützen Sie Ihre Privatsphäre ◆

iPassSafe keeps your information most secure, yet always at your fingertips. Unterstützt iPhone und iPod touch.

Wenn Sie ein iPad haben, überprüfen Sie bitte iPassSafe Pro – Universal-App (Unterstützt iPad, iPhone und iPod).


Using AES-256 Encryption to automatically encrypt all your data as soon as it’s stored in iPassSafe by a Master Password that only you know

○ All data stored on your device only!○ Self destruct option after 10 tries

○ Logout timer when inactive○ Lock timer when using other App○ Delete clipboard (optional)

○ Strong Built-In Password Generator to create unique passwords○ Stay anonymous, account creation is not needed

○ Touch ID support


• 24 x Custom categories you can design as you want

• 19 x Built-in categories including:○ Logins (Web, Email, FTP…)

○ Credit Cards ○ Photos (from Gallery/Camera)○ Bank accounts details

○ Safe/PIN numbers ○ Text notes ○ Documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT …)

○ Contacts with Build-it call/send email option○ ID cards○ Passports○ Driving License○ Software License


○ Fill Login directly in Safari App, by iPassSafe

○ New Logins pulled in from Safari App to iPassSafe

○ Support auto login with 3 (up to 4!) Parameters○ Icons pulled in from any of your websites automatically !


○ 5 Sync options (iCloud, Dropbox, FTP, AirDrop & Email)

○ All data get encrypted before sync○ Cloud is optional but not a requirement


○ Air Print (Single/All Items)

○ Contact import from Address Book

○ Call & Send Email to private contact using App

○ Login to private Gmail/Yahoo account from App○ Built-in browser with auto/manual login○ Built-in search tool

○ Dynamic sorting option

○ Multiple Databases (per users or contents)

○ Private Expiry Reminder (Credit card, Driving License…)

○ Available in 17 languages

> ABOUT APPiPassSafe is available on AppStore since early 2011 with more than 600,000 users worldwide, it delivers most comprehensive, user friendly and reliable solution to personal data security.

Notes: ===== 1. Remember Your Password ! without it , you will not be able to see your data

2. Backup is not done automatically, the user is responsible for such a backup (IDB file) using features (iCloud, Dropbox, email, FTP …) exists in iPassSafe to avoid loss of data when device is lost , damaged or any other reason, furthermore iPassSafe is NOT providing any direct cloud service, password retrieval, or backup service for security reason (all data stored on your device only!), user need to decide where to do the backup (iCloud, user’s private dropbox account, user’s diskonkey using FTP, or user’s email …), the user is also responsible for this backup safety.

3. sync is not merging data, you have to keep all updated data on one device and use sync option upload file, then load and activate with password on all your other devices

4. not all sites are working with auto login

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