Gratis: [iOS] Gravitations – Player Made Missions statt 3,49€


Aktuell bekommt Ihr das Spiel Gravitations – Player Made Missions kostenlos im AppStore statt 3,49€

Ziel ist es die Rakete zur Homebase zu bekommen. Unterwegs müssen verlorene Astronauten gerettet werden , Planeten umgangen, Gravitationsfelder vermieden werden usw.


Gravitations is a space and gravity themed puzzle game where all of the missions are created by players! Each mission you plot your ship’s course to successfully reach the goal station while dodging obstacles and saving lost astronauts along the way.

Collect over 30 different spaceships and use the one that best fits your style.

Build your own missions inside the app using a library of interstellar objects, each with their own special properties:




-Space Stations



-Space Mines


-Laser Walls


-Black Holes

-Fuel Canisters


Publish your missions online to let players from around the world compete for the fastest time and highest fuel

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28.07.2017, 03:42 Zitieren #

ein ganz tolles game…zu empfehlen


28.07.2017, 09:06 Zitieren #

Danke für den Deal.


28.07.2017, 10:44 Zitieren #

Leider IOS 8 oder neuer…😞

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