Gratis: [Android] VR Space: The Last Mission statt 1,99€


Gerade kostenlos im Play Store das Weltraumkriegsspiel VR Space: The Last Mission statt 1,99€.

Die Bewrtungen 4,4 Sterne bei 178 Reviews


VR Space : The Last Mission is a first-person space combat arcade game designed for Virtual Reality for Google Cardboard compatible glasses, with cutting edge 3D graphics that make you experience an immersive gameplay of a spaceship battle.

You will be a space war veteran in hands of the last spaceship alive of your squadron. You are the last hope of humanity, how long can you resist?VR Space : The Last Mission takes mobile gaming to a whole new level with its amazing details and rich gameplay.


• Full gamepad support: Control your ship with the gamepad while you can look freely around for your ship, increasing the realism of piloting a spaceship.

• Immersive VR experience using cutting-edge 3D graphics and sound.

• UNLIMITED LEVELS through the galaxy with progressively harder waves of enemies.

• Respect VR guidelines to provide a comfortable and immersive experience.

• Designed for Google Cardboard, and therefore any device capable of using the cardboard app.

• NO VR mode also available from settings. You can play without a cardboard too!

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12.08.2017, 19:24 Zitieren #

tip an alle: wenns im play store gratis apps gibt, steht meistens "angebot endet in x tagen". ich klick immer auf installieren und brechs dann gleich wieder ab. danach steht da nichts mehr mit "angebot endet.." weil die app als "gekauft" gilt.
d.h. sie bleibt für immer kostenlos!
vielleicht braucht man diese app ja irgendwann 😉


12.08.2017, 22:51 Zitieren #

Danke! 🙂

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