Gratis: Android – Quaddro 2 – Intelligent Puzzle (statt 1,89€)

Update Die App ist wieder gratis zu haben. Danke für den Hinweis dazu, @Casi, und danke für den Deal, @Peanuts! Der Doc

Aktuell ist Quaddro 2 – Intelligent Puzzle für Android kostenlos zu haben.

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Quaddro 2 is a fun game that improves your concentration and logic skills. It brings 80 levels carefully crafted by our team with progressive difficulty levels.


Its gameplay is quite simple: you move the dots freely until you form a square with 4 or 9 dots; You can move as many dots you’d want at same time, that will look much like dragging snake across the level; The dots can be varied in up to 3 colors: red, green and blue but squares will only be formed by dots with the same color.


The levels pack many types of modifiers what will make you think outside the box:
• Movable platforms: Changes the layout of the level by moving pieces of the board vertically or horizontally.
• Turn Modifier: Rotate boards and it’s contents in 90 or 180 degrees;
• Mirror Modifier: Swap platforms places
• Wall Modifier: Blocks the access to certain parts of the level until you make an specific action.
• Timer Modifier: Better think fast, the level layout will change every time the timer runs out.

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02.09.2018, 16:48 Zitieren # hilfreich

@DealDoktor: wieder kostenlos gerade.


02.09.2018, 17:41 Zitieren #

kostenlos und Spitzenbewertung, nimmt man gerne mit. Danke 🙂


05.09.2018, 19:29 Zitieren #

Super Deal, super spiel. Macht spass

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