Gratis: (Android) Commander Keen in Keen Dreams (statt 1,09€)

Aktuell kostenlos zu haben Commander Keen in Keen Dreams (statt 1,09€)

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Commander Keen is up to his „ears“ in vegetables!

’90s PC action star Commander Keen is making his official Android debut! Trapped in the land of Tuberia, the usually fearless Keen is facing every child’s worst nightmare: vegetables! Making his way through the dangerous (yet nourishing) surroundings, he must fight his way through hordes of vicious broccoli beasts, savage asparagus warriors, and a bushel of other leafy green nasties. His target? King Boobus Tuber, the fiercest spud of them all!

Talk about a food fight! Can you survive the perils of Rhubarb Rapids, the Melon Mines and other treacherous landscapes, on your way to the foreboding Castle Tuberia? Your strategy and quick reflexes could mean the difference between victory and a one way trip to the salad bar in the sky.

What are you waiting for? Get playing and help Commander Keen serve Boobus Tuber his just desserts!


+ Thirteen different levels
+ Three difficulty modes
+ High score table
+ Save your game at any time
+ Play using the touch screen or a gamepad

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Kampf den Kartoffelmännern!


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