Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest (Start Pack Edition) gerade kostenlos im Google Playstore


In Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest muss man sich um einen Wald und seine Bewohner kümmern. Kümmere dich und fütter sie. Niedlich gemacht, es kann zwar zusätzlich noch Geld im Shop per App-in-Kauf ausgegebn werden, aber man kann auch ohne sowas spielen. für 4,09 € würde ichs nicht unbedingt kaufen, aber gerade für umme was nettes für zwischendurch.


▶ This version provides the Start Package from the shop.

You will receive a [Worldly Tree] that gives 1 Happy Seed per hour and a bundle of 80 [Happy Seeds]!

Furry friends enter Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest and eventually graduate!

You are the owner of the garden! How will you treat the animals during their year-long stay in your garden?

When it’s time for your fur-iends to graduate, will you be able to smile and let them go?

Come play Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest, a relaxing simulation game where you can look after the cutest animals!

♥♥Game Features♥♥

▶This game was critically acclaimed for a reason! This relaxing game was the 2017 BIC winner!

▶ Have fun with unique animals living in a forest garden!

▶ Are you ready to meet the furriest, funniest animals on the planet?- A binge-watcher Fox!- A gloomy Panda?- A fawning Fennec Fox?- A super laid-back Sloth?

▶ An emotional graduation day Say goodbye to your graduating animals!

▶ Play Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest, a truly heartwarming and relaxing game!

♥♥How to Play♥♥

Follow the instructions given by Naroo and have fun looking after the animals in the beautiful forest garden.

– You can pet, feed, and give attention to the animalsParticipate in the different monthly competitions.

– You can join a weight contest, dating contest, and comedy contestAccomplish missions and invite new animals to the garden.

Decorate the forest garden.

Send the animals to graduation when the time has come and watch them graduate!

♥Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest donates some of the game’s proceeds to improve children’s welfare.♥

Viel Spass beim Spielen, euer Casi.

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