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Hello. I want to know the differences to top deals and user deals


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– user deals: all deals created by users (sorted by date)

– deals: created by dealdoktor, selected user deals (moved by dealdoktor)


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Keywords and categories made in Germany. Don't try too hard to make sense of such, it's a special kind of English.


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Hi, Beike!

I'm sorry for responding to you so late. @Berthold_ already summed it up (thanks!):

User deals are created by users in the community. User deals can be top deals just as deals that are created by the DealDoktor (me :P) can be. Top deals are featured more prominently in the blog so they are more likely to be seen. The choice of making a regular deal into a top deal is based on its quality: If one can make a good bargain, the deal is likely to become a top deal; after all, it's a top deal.

I hope my explanation was sufficient; if not or if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to mention them.

Best regards,
Der DealDoktor


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